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Once the plugin is installed, you'll see Ovyka Satisfaction in the User-installed add-ons list.

Workflow Requirements

By default, Ovyka Satisfaction for JIRA sends the satisfaction mail when a workflow transition triggers a "resolved" event or "closed" event.

Since version 1.6.0 you can choose to change this behaviour with the global configuration, see Notificationtriggerselection

If you use event based notification triggers

Please make sure to fix your workflow if you only use "generic events" in transitions, which are the default event for new transitions when creating workflows in JIRA.


  • Edit the relevant workflow (for the projects/issue types you wish to cover with Satisfaction surveys)
  • Edit the last transition postfunctions. The last transition is usually going the one going to "Resolved" or "Closed", or whatever your final statuses are
  • Edit the "generic event" postfunction, replace it with a "issue resolved" event (or "closed issue" event)
  • save / publish your workflow
  • finish activating / configuring the global & project configuration for Satisfaction for JIRAJIRA$

For finer control, you can also add post function based notification triggers

Step by step instructions :

  • Edit the relevant workflow (for the projects/issue types you wish to cover with Satisfaction surveys)
  • Add the Satisfaction Survey Sending Post Function to the transition in which you want to send the notification

(lightbulb) Please note the Satisfaction Survey Sending Post Function can also work in parallel to event based notification triggers.

Survey resending

Please note that the survey will be resent to the reporter if another resolved/closed event or postfunction is triggered and the reporter hasn't answered yet.

(lightbulb) Example use case: You can use this to make sure that the reporter receives another notifications when "closing" the ticket 7 days after it has been "resolved".

Global Administration

In the administration area, in the left menu bar, you'll find a new section called Ovyka Satisfaction containing two links : Configuration and Email Template. Clicking the Configuration link will open the administration page for Ovyka Satisfaction plugin.


The default behaviour of Ovyka Satisfaction for JIRA is to send notification when a specific issue event (Resolved or Closed) is fired. You can choose to also add a post-function, or to only use post functions and completely disable issue events handling in the plugin. To do this, choose the notigcation trigger(s) you prefer in the global administration page, as shown below :

JQL Context


These feature is available since plugin version 1.6.0

For finer control of which tickets need a satisfaction form to be sent, you can configure a JQL query.

(lightbulb) Here are a few example use cases :

  • only send the survey to reporters who are external customers:

    Code Block
    reporter in membersof("external customer group")
  • only for specific issue types:  e.g. if you want satisfaction surveys for bug resolution only

    Code Block
    issuetype = "Bug"
  • only for specific components, custom field values, etc.

Survey fields

The plugin comes with 4 preconfigured fields :