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Send customized mail announcements to your own recipient lists, directly from any JIRA ticket

Ovyka Advanced Notifications for JIRA allows manual sending of configurable templated mail notifications to targeted populations (inside or outside your JIRA user directory). For example, notify Problems, upcoming Changes or high severity Incidents (with templates for detection, workaround, resolution, post mortem...) to an internal or external customer base, to a list of managers, or to stakeholders for Change management.

  • create your own reusable recipient lists (mailing lists), including email addresses of external users, internal users
  • each recipient list supports separated TO, CC, and BCC fields (main recipients, copy recipients, and hidden recipients)
  • create your own simple text or HTML templates for communication
  • insert standard and custom fields in your template easily with the embedded editor
  • select and send the announcements to several recipient lists at the same time, directly from the ticket view
  • create contexts to dedicate some templates and recipient lists to specific use cases (e.g. changes announcements for managers, incident announcements to stakeholders and customers, problem announcements to top management...)
  • send mails to users / email addresses not associated with a JIRA account, recipients do not need JIRA licenses
  • send mails to very large recipient lists, the mailer will split the sent mail if necessary
  • track and review each mail announcement that has been sent, to which recipient list, by whom, when, globally and on each issue's view
  • more features to come - feel free to contact us with your needs and suggestions

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