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This release brings new features :

  • to provide finer control on when the satisfaction form is sent, you can now add post functions to your workflows to send the form whenever you want
    => see the manual Administrator Documentation#Forfinercontrol,youcanalsoaddpostfunctionbasednotificationtriggers
  • you can also disable event based sending of the satisfaction form, if you only want to use postfunctions to send the forms
    => see the manual Administrator Documentation#Notificationtriggerselection
  • you can now also specify a JQL context to only send the satisfaction form on specific tickets, for example : customer tickets (based on the reporter's membership), specific issue types, etc.
    => see the manual Administrator Documentation#JQLContext
  • [issue-link] Placeholder addition for satisfaction template, for direct links to the ticket (with support for JSD customer view URLs, but only for JIRA 7+)
  • this version also fixes a few display and export problems with reporters and dates.