Discover how to optimize your service levels continuously from adapted customer feedback

With Ovyka Satisfaction for JIRA, discover how to optimize your service levels continuously from adapted customer feedback. .

  • Define your own questions to measure customer satisfaction on various metrics.

  • Discover the root causes of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction,

  • Based on the metrics, you can optimize your JIRA Service desk requests, your knowledge base coverage and quality,

  • Measure the evolution of satisfaction after configuration changes, to ensure they have a positive impact on customers.

Ovyka is also here to help you optimize your service levels with best practices. Feel free to contact Ovyka for advice and support.

  • Iterative methodology to find key performance indicators (KPI) with Ovyka Satisfaction for JIRA

  • Expert best practices & methods to optimize your service levels, through proper usage of JIRA and JIRA Service Desk



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Documentation & Manuals

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